Virtual Reality Headset

Ptron 4d-boom Sport Headphones

PTron Virtual Reality Headset

PTron Virtual Reality Headset

Put Your Smart Phone By Sliding

Put Your Smart Phone By Sliding

Perfectly support

Perfectly support myopia users under 600 degree. Myopia users do not need to take off their glasses, they can use it directly

Art Trip of lens

Original 8 Nano coated, laser, cutting, 5 times robotic polishing, automatic surface grinding, each mirror, though polishing, coating, testing, assembling technology make every lens more transparent and bright.

Adjustable IPD

Adjustable IPD & object length. Separately adjustment for IPD and object length, compatible with more people.

Complete new experience

Watch what you want to watch, play what you want to play.

Give new dimension to the world around you Go 3D with PTron Virtual Reality Headset

You might love to see the world around you in multiple dimensions and that is now possible also with your smartphone. The small sized smartphone screen is ready to offer you the big screen experience with the entry of the new age VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETS! These headsets are handy and lightweight just like any standard headset but when you connect it with your smartphone screen, the world around you changes. It takes the form of a big cinema screen where you can view nothing but the movie or video. The surroundings are turned black and there is actually no disturbance from outside world as you watch the movie or video in your own small world with large picture.

This amazing experience can now be all yours at very affordable price at brings you the efficient VR headset which is our PTron exclusive product.

What makes PTron VR Headsets so unique?

Easy to slide on your head

Anything that is hi-tech and advanced is usually interpreted to be difficult to use but VR headset is not like that. All you have to do is slide this VR Glasses on your head and you are ready to use. The adjustable head and easy to move controls have made this headset one of its kind. You can purchase it online without worrying about how it fits as here one size fits all.

Hi-tech lens that enhance the picture viewing experience manifolds

The quality of picture and your experience thereof would solely depend on the lens provided in the headset and PTron has made sure that they use the best available lens for amazing picture quality. There are 8 Nano coated original lens fitted in this headset to give the entire picture a new dimension. Each lens is given the 5 times robotic polishing and cutting to get the picture quality that you would die for!

Tested for quality, durability, and results

When you buy the Virtual Reality Headset from PTron, you may stay assured that you get what has been claimed. The lens and the entire body of the headset undergo multiple tests to ensure that the picture viewing is bright and interruption free. Lens are installed with utmost care and coating so that they remain transparent and scratch proof even after multiple use.

Smartphone easy to slide

This virtual reality glasses comes with a special slot where the smartphone fits easily. You just have to slide the smartphone and it is on for use. Other adjustments like object length and IPD length can be done with the single touch. This makes this headset good for all as one have the personalization option.

Reachable Controls

You have the controls for the picture easy and accessible. This will take away all the hassles and make your movie or video viewing experience even more entertaining.

VR headset is the future as it will take the entertainment industry to new high. Get one for yourself to know what it actually means to be multi-dimensional!

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