LatestOne Guide: Best Headphones based on your lifestyle

LatestOne Guide: Best Headphones based on your lifestyle

by poonam shaw

Headphones are anything but "all-rounder" mobile accessories. Every kind of headphone is distinct in its features and functionalities. Practically speaking, the best headphones for the workplace might not be as perfect for working out or travelling. So, how do you pick the headphones that are ideal for your particular lifestyle? We have enlisted our favourite PTron headphones and PTron TWS earbuds below for every endeavour, whether you need high energy tunes to burn some calories at the gym or just a stylish looking, great sounding gadget to show off at college.

1. Best headphones for working out

Our pick: PTron Zap

PTron Zap

If you are searching for the perfect headphones to amplify your goal to get in shape, then your search must end with PTron Zap. The high sound quality and 22 hours of playtime of this wireless PTron neckband headphone will help you stay focused and motivated towards achieving your fitness goals at the gym.

The PTron Zap is not only known for its exceptional sound quality, but it also offers you a hands-free experience. This means that you would be free to move around the gym and work out at different stations with your phone tucked inside your bag at your locker and without having to worry about wires. If you are not sure about going wireless, then click here to know more about this futuristic technology.

2. Best headphones for travel

Our pick: PTron Tango/Spunk

PTron Tango & Spunk

If you are looking for the perfect combination of high-quality stereo sound with supreme comfort and convenience to unleash the wanderlust in you, then you must get the PTron Tango/Spunk mini earphones.

These earphones are optimal for travelling with stable wireless connectivity, high performing built-in mic that offers a hands-free experience, advanced noise-cancelling features, water and sweat proof functions, and efficient battery life with up to 4 hours of music time.

3. Best headphones for workplace

Our pick: PTron Tangent Evo



Do you need to shut out the ringing of the phones and the chatter of your coworkers at your workplace with soothing tunes that help you concentrate on your project? Then you must add the PTron Tangent Evo to your shopping cart.

The Hi-Fi stereo sound output of this PTron Bluetooth headset will cancel out the distracting noises in the background and help you immerse in your commitments with clear and sharp notes to help you stay focused. The lightweight and comfortable fit, the ergonomic magnetic earbuds, and the long-lasting battery are an added advantage for when you need to put in extra hours of work.

4. Best headphones for an audiophile at home

Our pick: PTron Soundster Bluetooth Headset


If you are looking for the best headphones that make your favourite songs and shows come alive, then you must go for the PTron Soundster Bluetooth headset.

The 40mm speaker produces high definition sound that can make you feel like you are in the front row at a theatre. The multiple music modes help you capture the essence of your favourite songs. The 1000 mAh battery allows you to deeply indulge in the emotions of your favourite movies without worrying about having to get your headphones charged.

Now that you know what headphones to get for your specific needs go ahead and get your hands on your new favourite accessory today.

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